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A different kind of title company

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Who is Digital Abstract?

We are a full service abstract and title company serving the Texas Panhandle with over 70 years of combined Title Industry experience. We are licensed in Ochiltree, Gray, Lipscomb, Roberts, Hemphill, and Hansford counties, but can assist you in virtually any Texas county. We have digitized records dating back to sovereignty for the majority of the counties we are licensed in. These records are available 24/7 through our platform Blackacre which is accessible using an internet browser from anywhere in the world. Digital Abstract & Title is more than just technology, we are a group of professionals who take pride in the service we provide to our customers. We strive to deliver timely title commitments, provide great customer service, and be the title company you can rely on.

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What is
Title Insurance & why do I need it?

Title insurance protects you from problems with an ownership title when you buy real estate. Title companies search for issues that need to be corrected before you purchase real estate property. These issues can include unknown heirs/spouses with claims to own property, outstanding debts and liens, chain of title issues, and unpaid property taxes.


Title insurance is not homeowners’ insurance, an owner’s title insurance policy protects your ownership of the property while a loan title insurance policy protects the rights of the lender. The premium is set by the State of Texas and all Texas title companies charge the same rates for title insurance. 



Title Insurance

Title examination

Escrow and closing


Qualified Intermediary

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(806) 648-3224

317 S. Main Street

Perryton, TX

(806) 665-8241

720 W Francis Ave



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